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Cancer Aftercare

Rebuild the body

Chemotherapy and radiation are taxing on all systems of the mindbody. We review previous and current treatments, their impact on you, and what is most needed to support the rebuilding and regrowth of your health.


Prevent active disease

Like any other chronic disease, lifestyle modifications and active disease-marker monitoring are required. I identify what is most beneficial to you and then work with you to incorporate them harmoniously into your life. 

Post-traumatic growth

Research demonstrates some develop post-traumatic stress following the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. I work with you to accept and grow from the experience of cancer. While you cannot control that you developed cancer, you can control how you respond to it and how you grow from it.

Mindbody Optimization

Come as you are

There is no ideal starting point when it comes to improving your health. I work with those who have chronic disease, high-achieving lifestyles, or simply 'it could be better' health. I assess your current health and identify tangible opportunity for betterment.

Signals of stress

Stress and fatigue present differently in everyone. I educate you on, and then identify, how stress presents in your mindbody. This allows correction of root cause and teaches you to better understand signals from your mindbody.


Sustainable betterment

While you may require short-term treatment to heal your mindbody, the ultimate goal is to create a lifestyle that empowers you and your best. 

Meaningful Longevity

Transform unease and disease

Many dismiss aches and pains as an inevitable part of aging, but they are not. They are information from the mindbody that something is amiss and should be investigated for root cause. I work to determine the root cause and create a plan to enable healing.


Sustain rewarding habits

Science is shedding light on the power diet and exercise (mental and physical) have to halt, and sometimes even reverse, chronic disease and other biological signs of aging. I work with you to sustainably incorporate these practices into your daily life.

Enable purpose and passion

Research shows purpose and passion as fundamental to meaningful longevity. I work with you to establish health practices that enliven whatever it is that brings meaning to your life.

Cancer Aftercare

Practice Focus

Mindbody Optimization
Meaningful Longevity
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